poniedziałek, 28 lipca 2014


Life brings us the least expected changes. One day you hit the rock bottom, next - you skyrocket as high as you'd never imagine. You might be wondering what's behind this philosophical introduction, but don't worry, here's the explanation. First of all, I've found a new job. In advertising. ADVERTISING. You get it? It's always been, like, my dream job and, although it's hard to believe, IT'S REALLY HAPPENING. All 7 seasons of Mad Men that I've just watched won't go wasted now, haha.
Very personal corner aside, this post is my first blog collaboration ever! This lovely jumpsuit is a courtesy of Lookbookstore.co - they asked me to do two outfit posts. The key theme here are, of course, jumpsuits. Those which I choose look as if they've been made for me to wear them - they're both sooo retro! The piece I'm showing you today fits perfectly into my hipster-ish schoolgirl image. I mixed it with a blazer... or is it a coat actually?... and a beautiful vintage leather bag. What a gem!

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niedziela, 20 lipca 2014

M side

You may be wondering what in the earth has happened to that male side of me during the last three posts, in which I've been sporting very feminine outfits. Well, truth to be told, that side of me loves to look smart and since the weather has been terribly hot these days, neatly ironed shirts, cardigans, ties and bowties are at least... uncalled for. If you don't want to melt during your way to and from work, that is. Still, I can't fight the urge to dress up all boy-like from time to time. This is when blazers come in handy. The one I'm showing you here is one of my favourites (right after the Sherlock one from the previous post) - it's absolutely lightweight (even though it doesn't look like this!) and once it gets chilly, I can just button it up for it to serve as a light coat since it's a bit oversized. With a blazer like this, paired with bold jewellery - like this lovely over-the-top lion necklace - I'm ready to smart up any casual outfit, be it even an ordinary loose tee and shorts. Also - you've probably noticed it already since my tan is quite dark, but yes, the white spots on my skin are vitiligo, I absolutely do not intend to photoshop it out from the photos, though.
PS. I've just started publishing my comic online, please take a look at it!
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niedziela, 13 lipca 2014

Sherlock in a skirt

I'll say something very controversial, but I really hate BBC Sherlock with a passion. Seriously. It's weird, because I'm totally hooked on everything British and I absolutely LOVED the movie version with Robert Downey Jr. I suppose some of you, dear Readers, have closed the tab with my blog now, but those who weren't put off by what I've written above will get the rest of the story. Now it's clear that I haven't come up with this post's title. Ironically, my dear photographer loves BBC Sherlock. Hey, they say that the opposites attract, right? So, during the photoshoot she just stopped for a while, took a deep breath and said...
"You probably won't be delighted by what I'll say, but you totally bring the Sherlock feel with this hat and blazer".
End of story.
PS. Stay tuned for my first collaboration very very soon!
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piątek, 4 lipca 2014

Blog's first anniversary!

Exactly one year ago I published my first post here. Has anything changed since that time? Not much, I'm still a little snarky bastard disguised as a proper schoolgirl (sometimes as a schoolboy), haha. My style got more polished, even though I still get most of my clothes from secondhands. From time to time, though, I invest a larger sum of money into something really unique. Like those platform sandals. THEY'RE UGLY, I know. So ugly that I dread the moment my family gets to see them! How am I going to explain that I WANTED those shoes to be all ugly, bulky and 90's? That's a tough question. If you haven't realized it yet, I revisited the place I did my first outfit photoshoot in. I even kept the colour scheme similar to the one from the first post. There's a hat, too, but this one is a piece I just bought recently at H&M. The flowers are just a headband tied around it - a little creativity goes a long way.
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poniedziałek, 30 czerwca 2014


This outfit may not look like a time travel back to the 90's, but the jelly watch, simple print and a bit of colour blocking certainly do bring that feeling back from at least fifteen years ago. Oh... The bag, you say? Well, that might have been a good reason behind the post's title... Okay, I'll stop with those bad jokes now. This bag was a must. Like, must. Have. As you know, I'm a 90's kid deep down to the bone, so I couldn't resist getting it (after two or three price drops during the sale season). My BFF was, like, "No, you're not allowed to buy it, it's for those cool hipster kids who weren't even born in the 90's!", but this time I decided not to listen to her advice during the shopping. Such an act of bravery. She might be quite persistent, you know.
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niedziela, 15 czerwca 2014

Edge up

The base of today's outfit is a button-down, kinda pin-up-ish sailor-style dress (so many hyphens in this description!). You can't really see it in its full glory here, but it's just your regular, lightweight summer dress that would stay pretty, but a bit boring if not for the rest of this set. You know that I have this obsession of edging up (is that even an expression?) those neat clothes I wear to work, right? Sneakers were a must, because nothing looks better with a dress than sneakers, but you've already seen them. The denim shirt is a real gem here. Although I found it in a second hand store, it's an actual top quality Pepe Jeans item with lovely prints here and there. Adding spikes, studded headphones and my favourite messenger bag was the next step to make this outfit blog-post-worthy. Oh, don't forget those cat eye sunglasses!
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poniedziałek, 19 maja 2014

Child of Venus

Here we go with yet another Goldfrapp-inspired post title, whee. This time, it refers to colours associated with Venus in the popculture; because you know, today we're going with the most common portrayal of Venus as the Goddess of Love and this means pastel pink, red, white, you know the drill. As much as I'd love (sic!) to spoil you with a long rant about the slightly different meaning of Venus (hello, my esotheric interests!), it's neither the time nor place for such things.
You know, there were those times when I'd be able to do anything to dress like that - the toned-down-Harajuku-meets-classic-schoolgirl style - but I didn't really have the access to clothes that would match that idea, not to mention how conservative my surroundings were back then, haha. That was around middle school. Then, in the high school, I could've finally made my dream come true and start wearing all those plaited skirts, V-necks, cardigans, overknees... My interest in this kind of style kinda dropped for the next few years as I drifted away onto the outfits more on the hipster side. These days, my style is an explosive mix of preppy, hipster-ish and God-knows-what elements, but sometimes I still go back to those schoolgirl outfits (a bit upgraded, of course) with some kind of... nostalgia, I guess...?
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