wtorek, 6 października 2015

September recap

This month, I managed to put together only three outfit posts, but let's review them one more time nonetheless.

I started the month with this cute boyish sailor outfit. Still, I have no idea whether it fits more in the "still summery" or "back to school" category. Probably both would be fine, but the fact that this was probably the last time this year when I went out with bare legs makes it fall more into the first one.

Let's move onto something that sums up my fascination with Russia - a matryoshka-inspired look! Lots of red, rosy cheeks and lips, folk theme going on. Now that I think of it, I should've worn more golden accents. Oh well. The Russian feel is still there.

Last, but certainly not least, we've got my most boyish look up to date. K-pop game is strong in this one! Not everybody got it, but you just can't please everyone, plus there will surely be more outfits like this. This huge collection of snapbacks that I have in my closet just has to get its spotlight.

poniedziałek, 28 września 2015

Schoolboy Aesthetics

So this time, I transformed into a schoolboy. This is like my everyday drag! I just take the funky school uniform aesthetics and sprinkle it with a bit of k-pop style. Let me tell you - it tastes pretty awesome at any time, any day.

Leather is clashing with preppy/college elements in equal proportions here. The smart casual-ish top part of the outfit would be way to boring for me if I didn't add something edgier to the mix.

These days, I've been wearing the hell out of those pants. Thanks to it, I noticed that matching leather of various colours together actually looks very interesting and not over-the-top at all.

Let's just throw some more k-pop elements here - the patterned snapback and a single earring. By the way, this is the finest bowtie I own - just how would I NOT fall in love with this little precious treasure?

(Yes, the word "BITCHY" is written on the back of my hat.)

sweater, shirt, bag - thirfted
hat - New Yorker
shoes - Centro

Photos taken by Marta. Thank you very much!

poniedziałek, 14 września 2015


There's something that's been bugging me for a while. We all know how much of a Russian freak I am - I love Russia's history, culture and language - but somehow... I still haven't done a matryoshka-inspired look! Holy crap, how is this even possible?! Well, fear not, I decided to fix it in today's post.

For me, it's like a magical journey back in time to my first year at the university. I used to wear LOTS of red (including this pretty scarf, which is probably the only folk-related thing in my wardrobe) and gold, expose my legs much more often than now (funny, regarding how I was about 15 kilograms heavier than I am now) and wear those killer Lita-style heels every single day. My hair was also the same length as this wig is (hard to believe now)!

Yeah, about the heels... This must be, like, the first time you see me in actual HIGH (10+ cm) heels. Really poor for 43 outfit posts, eh? I bought this black leather pair in 2011, when the Lita craze was slowly reaching Poland and you had to sign up on a long preorder list of the only online shop that was willing to sell them. I did. I have no regrets.

These babies turned out to be one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I have ever owned - truth to be told, more comfortable than many of my flats. I kinda forgot about them as soon as I dropped out of the university because my work always required something more toned down, but nothing else would have complimented this over-the-top Russian doll outfit as good as these!

Also, notice the forgotten wide-brim hat - yet another thing I decided to bring back to my everyday life.

blazer, dress, scarf, bag - thirfted
hat - H&M

Photos taken by Marta. Thank you very much!

poniedziałek, 7 września 2015

Little Sailor

One of the bloggers who inspire me the most is - sadly, not active anymore - Shan Shan from tinytoadstool. Her unique way of combining various pieces and colours into vintage, mostly cute uniform-like outfits is something I'm trying to project in my own style, too. This time, following that path, I went for an adorable little sailor look. Should we count it as the back to school outfit, or does it belong more to summer/holiday category?

Both the blazer and the striped shirt have appeared on the blog two years ago. I can't help but wonder why the hell have I never thought of pairing them up together! They compliment each other perfectly.

I haven't been doing this in a while - using earrings as collar tips, I mean. This cute gold anchor pair was quite an obvious choice.

The white socks and black patent oxfords make it all look like a retro boy school uniform, don't they? Last time I showed these shoes here, I ranted on how they hurt my feet. Well, not anymore. I decided to wear them to work every single they until they become comfortable. Now that I've been using them a bit more, the faux leather isn't as stiff anymore, hurray!

blazer, shirt, bag - thirfted
shorts - H&M (thrifted)
shoes - Centro

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

poniedziałek, 31 sierpnia 2015

August recap!

Hi guys! September is already here. As we wait for my obligatory back to school-themed outfit, I'd like to do a short recap of all the looks I posted last month - and since there was one per week, which is an UNBELIEVABLE frequency for me, there's quite a bit to show. Let's start!

The month started with this cute-but-classy lightweight outfit, perfect when the summer heat wave hits but you feel the need to keep it dressy anyway. Seems like I've done it right, because as I was waiting for my photographer to finish her cig, some lady came up and told me I look pretty (and I sensed no irony in her voice!).

Next up: this masculine retro set, featuring one of the very few T-shirts I own and killer pants. Quite literally, because the day turned out hotter than I expected, so it certainly wasn't easy to go around in full-length pants, haha.

Cuteness and sass combined! This time, I styled the cotton candy-coloured wig into this pretty edgy set, which instantly brings the k-pop fashion feel. Also, I finally emulated the confidence to wear decorative socks. Aren't they cute?

Last, but certainly not least - something that looks like a more androgynous version of the previous outfit. Dressy pants and bag clashed with a sweatshirt that might look sweet at first sight, but goes pretty rude as you read what's written on it! That's so my style. Me and this sweatshirt are truly a perfect match.

That's it for August! See you in the next outfit post!

poniedziałek, 24 sierpnia 2015

Pastels again

So I got back to the location of this post... and to the pastel hues, because apparently they're not as bland and boring on me when mixed with black. Honestly, I've been planning this outfit for a while. By a while, I mean half a year - and I'm absolutely serious here!

This cute (and very ironic, once you notice what's written on those colourful hearts) sweatshirt is, actually, the last thing I bought from a "normal" store - so nope, it's not a thrifted treasure - and it was... half a year ago. February, to be precise. Can you believe it? 

The only reason I bought it was because 1. it matched my style perfectly 2. it was reasonably cheap. What's not to love?

Now I can send out a subtle signal to the world that I'm an antisocial individual! Yay! (Don't miss the necklace that fits into the sweatshirt's message, haha.)

Anyway, yep, this piece has been waiting patiently in my wardrobe a few months to get introduced to you in a nice, eye-catching outfit (normally, I just use it to brighten up something totally ordinary, like skinny jeans).

By far, this must be one of the most casual outfits I've ever shown on this blog. I mean, there's no shirt, not even a blazer thrown over it. The pants are kinda dressy, though, as well as the light summer brogues and the epic leather bag, but the sweatshirt and the funky hat successfully stripe them all out of their elegance.

sweatshirt - H&M Divided
pants - Monki (thrifted)
shoes - Centro
necklace - Glitter
bag - thrifted
sunglasses , bracelet- sinsay

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2015

Pastels + leather

 I am just so not into wearing pastel hues. Don't get me wrong - being an artist, I love all colours and as far as the pastels go, I overuse them while colouring my comic, but... still... they just don't seem to go well with my style enough to make a total look out of them. Combining them with (faux) black leather is a completely different story, though!

Honestly, leather makes everything look so much more intriguing, and the darker it is, the better. This is the case with the outfit I'm showing you today. At first I wanted to pair this fabulous cotton candy-coloured wig and light denim shirt with a pink skirt, but then I was like... no... I'm not feeling it at all. I scrapped the idea and went for the edgy black skirt instead.

The details are subtle but they really spice up this outfit - as you go further into this post, take a closer look at the lace on the fullcap, the leather choker under the collar and the cute floral print on my socks.

There's one more thing I have to say: this time, the person responsible for this photoshoot is my good ol' friend from the university years, who shares the name and the birthdate with my usual photographer. Coincidence? I think not! I might be a magnet for zodiacal Virgos with snarky attitude.

 We haven't seen each other for ages, but just a few days ago she told me she just became a proud owner of a very pro camera (trust me, for me, a photography noob, every camera is very pro), so... Why not make a photoshoot?

The said choker, shyly peeking from underneath the collar! I love those subtle touches.

I just had to show off this pretty golden-ish zipper, okay?

Damn! Can you believe this girl has been using that camera for such a short time and yet she can make my face look THIS GOOD?

shirt - thrifted
fullcap - New Yorker

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!
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